Sunday, April 08, 2007

Feeling Better!

Taking Friday off completely seemed to help me, as I awoke Saturday morning feeling a fair bit better. Lying around in bed all day on Friday was pretty boring!

I did a 2hr ride in the rain with Andrew McCartney as well as a nice easy run. Wasn't feeling 100%, but it was good to get some activity in!

Sunday morning I felt better as well. I started out the morning with a 30' trot before breakfast, then rode over toward Durance Lake to meet up for the bike workout. For some reason, my SRM didn't record all of my data today, which I'm pissed about, as I would have liked to have had the data from the climbs we did.

The first part of the workout was 3 full climbs up the Durance Lake hill (roughly 5 min climbs on average).

The first was moderate, the second was moderate with 2 sprints, and the third one was hard the whole way. I took the first two to get going, and on the third one I was able to hang with Simon, Kyle, Colin until about 2:45 of the interval, when Kyle launched an attack and spit me out the back.

Then we did 3 half climbs, the same pattern (all roughly 2 min or so in length). We ended the workout with 3 X 3km on the flats rolling through on the front. All in all, I was pretty happy with the way I was able to ride today, despite feeling crappy a couple days ago.

We ended the day with 4000m in the pool

1000m total warm-up
3 X 800 was the main set, broken as:
#1: 10 X 50 on 60" (25 sprint, 25 easy), 100 sprint, 200 easy
#2: 6 X 100 mid race pace on 1:30, 200 easy
#3: 3 X 200 on 2:40 mid race pace 200 easy

I felt kinda crappy in the pool...kinda par for my way of swimming I guess. Today was a down day.

Kyle, Colin, Simon, Jill and Joel leave Tuesday morning to head to the 2nd World Cup of the season in Ishigaki Japan. Everyone is looking good, and ready to rock.

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