Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to my "home"

Well, Joel returned last night from Lisbon, and thus I am now back at my place. It's nice to be in my own bed (and have a TV!)

Our group is still small, as Simon was the only one to return after Lisbon. Everyone else is continuing on to Richard's Bay South Africa for the World Cup this weekend.

The swim this morning was 5000m, broken down as:
1000 SKIDS
2 X 500 Pull, 4 X 50 (25 fast, 25ez)
2 X 400 Pull, 4 X 50 (25 fast, 25ez)
2 X 300 Swim on 4:00, 4 X 50 (25 fast, 25ez)
2 X 200 Swim on 2:40, 4 X 50 (25 fast, 25ez)
2 X 100 Swim on 1:20, 200 ez

An easy 60' ride mid-day helped to loosen the legs for the tough run workout that we had in the afternoon on the Lochside Trail

30' warm-up followed by some drills and strides, then it was into the fun stuff

2 km (6:25) on 9:00
5 X 1 km on 4:30 (3:07, 3:04, 2:59, 3:13, 3:06)

The 2:59 interval was slightly short, but it balances out with another interval, as Joel told us one of them is roughly 20m longer than 1km. I'm really happy with the times I was able to run today, the last one hurt a lot, I moved to the front and was running 2:54 pace to the 500m mark (Joel was riding along beside us) but fell off on the back half of that interval. Need to be able to hold on in situations like that, or optimally, run the back half faster than the front. This will come though. These workouts will be getting longer....

It was nice to be back at my place, as I was able to walk down to the ocean to soak the legs once we got back from the workout. I will miss having the bathtub at Joel's where I was able to have Epsom Salt baths.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel, great blog and workouts... I have a quick question for you...
In an Olympic Distance Tri with no drafting allowed, do you hammer the swim, bike, and run or back off on certain sections of the race? I have done some sprints and duathlons and was able to hold 85% effort+ for 60-80minutes, but am concerned about trying the same in the longer race. Thanks! Greg