Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Moto Pace Day

Another 5000m this morning in the pool.

400 mix, 200 Kick warm-up
15 x 100 Pull with Paddles on 1:25, 100 ez
15 x 100 pull buoy only on 1:25, 100 ez
10 x 100 swim on 1:20, 200 ez

Then it was on to the moto pacing. AP, Andrew and I met Joel at the Waddling Dog for the workout. The workout was 2 X 17 km with 5' ez in between sets. Joel set the pace on the front with the scooter, while we rolled through behind him. The easiest part is when you are directly behind the scooter, while the hardest part is when you have to accelerate to get onto the back of the group as we're rolling through.

Interval #1: 24:25, 296 W avg, 42.4 km/hr
Interval #2: 24:17, 306 W avg, 42.7 km/hr

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