Thursday, May 03, 2007



We got to the pool in the morning for the 5500m workout, and we did warm-up, and then we had a 100m TT from a dive. Felt alright on the TT, McCartney got me by a second and a bit, but the time was pretty decent for me (59.3) The rest of the workout consisted of a main set of 3 X (8 X 50 w band on 50", 400 Fr with fins)

I had a 40' easy run to do during the day, and then we had a tough bike workout later in the afternoon. That might have been the worst I have felt on the bike in a while. I had no legs whatsoever. I got dropped on then couldn't even hang on as other groups of two went by me. Oh well, I got through the pain of the workout. I don't have the SRM file downloaded yet, so no numbers, but the power wasn't that great today.


Today was once again my no swim, double run day.
40' this morning on the treadmill here at Joel's place. I took Napoleon out for his walk this morning...nothing too interesting...I love how quick his little legs have to move to walk! He must piss about once a minute as were walking....maybe just marking territory!

I headed over to the gym for 1:30 to meet AP for our tough treadmill workout. It was going to be 60' of some tough running on the treadmill. Here's the workout:

- Set treadmill at 2% incline
- 20' @ 8.7 mph
- 20' @ 9.3 mph
- 15' @ 9.9 mph
- 5' @ 10.2 mph

I was sweating up a storm on the treadmill! But it's a good workout to do, 60' of some solid running, good strength running once you get tired towards the end. May have to bump the speed's up a bit next time...

A 60' easy spin ended the day...and another walk with Napoleon. It's an early morning in the pool Synchro Nationals are here in only pool time for us is early!!

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