Friday, May 11, 2007

Thurs and Fri

Thursday....(as you might have guessed by now if you've been reading my blog) was my double run day. No swimming. A 40' run in the morning, and then a 60' run later on in the day, building speed as I went through it. Legs were a bit sore from the motor pacing yesterday...and as a result Joel moved our tough treadmill workout that was supposed to be today to Saturday instead.

I had a massage later in the afternoon from Gibson, a great guy here in Vic who has been doing massage for over 40 years. He treats a lot of triathletes.


This morning there was a twist to our swim workout at the pool. We (Andrew, AP and I) brought our bikes and trainers to the pool, and set them up in the mezzanine. The purpose of the workout today was to get in some hard swimming, then hop immediately onto the bike to simulate race day conditions. After a 500m warm-up, it was into the main set:

3 X 100 on 1:40 (1-3)
200 moderate on 3:15
500 fast
straight onto the bike and hammer for 4'

We did the set three times. The legs really burn for those 4 minutes on the bike, but it's all good, because those are the types of workouts that I really need, as the hardest part for me is the first 5-10 min of the bike as I try to get my legs going.

A 90' easy ride in the afternoon completed the day of training.

On a side note.....I'm starting to get pissed at the price of gas out here. When AP and I arrived towards the end of March, the price of gas was $1.10.5 then it went up to $1.14.5 then $1.18.5 then $1.22.5 and it is now at $1.25.9!!!! Gas prices don't fluctuate like they do in Ontario, it's a set price all the time. OK, I'm better now.


Adamo said...

Blame your conservative government and their insistance on ruining international relations and pig-headedness at exploring alternate fuel sources-there I'm done venting now :)

Anonymous said...

Are alternate fuel sources a bad thing ?? including non-oil greener solutions ?

What relations have they ruined , with the exception of tension between China and Canada over Canadian MPs visiting Taiwan.

I'm a liberal ( so no bias ) I just don't stand for pigheadedness either.

I would suggest it's more to do with Hugo Chavez further nationalization of his resources during the past few weeks, and belief that pulling out of the IMF is a good thing for his country. This has unstabalized the market for oil.

Maybe we should all think 'globally and act locally'