Thursday, May 31, 2007

Runnin on the Tready

6 X 5' at 10km Tri Pace w. 90" easy

That was the main workout for Wednesday.

We hit Thetis again this morning for some open water swimming. Big Loop warm-up, then a big loop solid (15:18), a small loop solid (10:20) and a half small loop solid. Done and done. Water seemed a bit warmer this morning.

Kyle and Kirsten walking on water at Thetis

At noon we hit Commonwealth for the Tready workout.
20' warm-up and strides to get ready. Set treadmill at 2%. Begin to sweat like a pig.

6 X (5' @ 11.0, with 90" easy running in between (7.0)).
Solid workout, good confidence booster, as the pace I was running is 34:00 pace. Now all I have to do is be able to carry that running confidence out onto the race course next time!

An easy 60' ride later in the day to flush the legs out, followed by a soak in the ocean and we were done. AP and I went over to Colin's to help him construct his altitude tent he just got. I figured we'd be there 45' MAX. Well, 3 hrs later, AP and I got back in the car to head home....but we got that damn tent set up!

Thursday brought about a long ride. Colin and I had the morning off from the pool, so we headed out at 8am to get the ride in. 3hrs, 87km touring around Victoria. A 30' run off the bike completed the workouts for the day.

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