Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to Training

We landed early Tuesday morning, got unpacked, did a bit of light training and got to bed early (tired from the overnight flight). Wednesday was one more easy day for us who raced, then back at it on Thursday.

Wednesday was 4800m in the pool, the main set being 10 X 200 on 3:00 (5 pull, 5 swim) followed by 16 X 50 on 45" every 4th fast, 12 X 50 on 50" every 3rd fast, 8 X 50 on 55" every other fast, 4 X 50 on 60" all fast. We followed up the swim with an easy hour spin, and a 60" neg split run.

Thursday's main workout was a tough moto pace workout.

The workout was 2.5 loops of the Waddling Dog loop moto-pacing behind the motorcycle today, immediately into a half a loop TT effort. We then had 5' recovery, and finished off with a hard TT effort loop. Andrew and I rode back after that, and then it was a 40" run off the bike as (15' easy, 15' hard, 10' easy). My legs are pretty trashed right now...luckily I've got a massage tomorrow with Gibson!

We also swam 4000m this morning, nothing really special.

Bike Stats:

2.5 lap moto, 0.5 lap TT
26.2 km, 35:44, 313 W avg, 44.0 km/hr, 95 Cadence

1 lap TT effort
8.5 km, 12:32, 311 W avg, 40.5 km/hr, 89 Cadence

This is a sweet pic I found hanging on the wall at a shop in Waikiki, I just had to take a picture of it!!
It's based off of Hawai'i 5-0 for those of you who don't know


Anonymous said...

You look like you run like a girl!!!

Daniel Wells said...

Why thank you.