Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend of Training....

A solid weekend of training is in the books.

Friday ended up being a legs off day essentially...just some easy riding and running.
A 40' trot in the morning from our place to wake up the body, and then we headed out to Thetis Lake for my first open water swim of the season (some of the group swam there while we were in Honolulu).

A big island loop to warm up and see the course, then we got down to a bit of fast swimming. A big island hard, Simon and I led out to the island, then Colin came up and pushed the pace on the way back. We went roughly 15:20, my arms were starting to feel heavy from the first wetsuit swim since September. We then did a small island loop hard, not sure on the time, but I was hurting a bit at this point.

An easy hour spin on the bike ended off the day.


A big workout at U Vic. The main effort for the bike was 3 X 5 loops (3 loops as a group, then 2 loops TT effort). I felt really strong on the bike today, which was nice to see. Each loop is 2km.

Round 1: 13:43, 340 W, 42.0 km/hr
Round 2: 13:52, 320 W, 41.5 km/hr
Round 3: 13:47, 329 W, 41.5 km/hr

Then it was onto the track for some hard running. A short warm-up then:

4 X 1km on 6:00 (3:07, 3:08, 3:06, 3:00)
Then into a 3 loop'er outside the track, building effort (4:41, 4:30, 4:25) 13:36 (3.8km)

An easy 30' treadmill run later on in the day, and a couple soaks in the ocean finished off the day.

Today we had a long run which we went to Elk/Beaver Lake to do. It's a 10km loop around the lake (give or take 100m). The goal was to build the run, running the second half faster than the first. Ran with Simon and Kyle, those guys were on fire today. We went through the first loop in 39:45, then they dropped me, and I ran the last loop in 38:15 (Simon and Kyle were sub 35:00)
I felt really good running today, hopefully I can build off of this feeling.

An easy 60' spin on the trainer to flush the legs out, and then a 5500m swim to end the day.

600 warm-up
3 X 500 Pull w. 30" rest
5 X 300 (2 PB low, 2 PB only, 1 swim)
100 easy
16 x 100 (3 on 1:20, 1 on 1L15)
200 easy

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