Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fri-Sat Recap


An early morning at the pool, as Synchro Nationals are still going on. In the water at 5:30, we did about 5500 or so....lost count, with a bunch of different stuff we did. I remember I didn't like the main part of the workout 8 X 300 (half swim, half kick essentially). I HATE kick. End of story.

Next up was a scheduled 2hr ride with 3 X 15' steady state efforts. When time came for the first one, I started going, and just had no legs whatsoever. So I made a decision and decided to just get in 2hr of base riding...that's all my legs could handle.

A 40' run on the treadmill later that afternoon at Commonwealth ended the workouts, followed by a 10' steam, and a dip in the hot tub.


We were supposed to swim open water today, but the lake was still a bit chilly (13 C) so we were limited to Crystal pool, where we had 2 SCM lanes for 11 of us. That made for some tight swimming. Hard part of the workout was 20' timed swim. I was swimming pretty solid, hitting some good splits as I rolled through the set (400m 4:31, 1500m 17:15). Ended up covering 1750m, a little over where I figured I'd end up (I was thinking 1700m).

I ran on the treadmill before the swim, to do my long run. I used the treadmills at Crystal Pool, as they are up top in the mezzanine, so it was a bit warmer up there...
11 miles in the books, then a quick stretch and some food before swimming.

A 20' ez jog on the treadmills ended the workouts.

I also watched a couple good events on TV...The 134th running of the Kentucky Derby, as well as the Floyd Mayweather Vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight. The fight wasn't as good as I thought it would be....I thought Mayweather should have won by unanimous decision, not a split.

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