Sunday, May 13, 2007

Simply Amazing

What can I say. I woke up this morning and turned on the computer to get the ITU live coverage from South Africa. The women's race went a bit early for me (2 am) and the men started at 5:30 am PST. I got up at 6 and tuned in to the men's race.

Well Damn! I wish I would have caught the women's Kirsten Sweetland put out a BAMF effort and won her first World Cup event!! What an amazing result, as she could still be racing Junior and doing sprint distance races, as she's not even 19 yet! It's great to see fellow training mates doing makes for great motivation for me when I race next weekend!

Today was a hill workout on the bike for Andrew and I.

We did 3 full climbs up Durrance Lake Rd, then 3 Half Hills, finished off my some moto pacing efforts on the flats. A solid workout today, the legs were heavy from the run yesterday, and the body was generally a bit fatigued as well.

A 30' easy trot off the bike, and a 5000m swim later in the afternoon. Felt sluggish in the pool.

Now I'm going to sit down and watch the 2 hr Season Finale of Survivor!!

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