Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A busy Tuesday

Well, today ended up being a pretty busy day. An early morning airport ride for Kyle, so he could catch his flight to Toronto (and then on to Lisbon), and then it was off to the pool for swimming.

4400m this morning with the main set being as follows:

3 rounds of (4 X 100 mid race effort on 1:40, 200 ez)

Felt pretty good on the 100's, was going 1:08's for the most part of the set. From there we then went 2 X 600m (1st Pull neg split, 2nd swim strong). the good feeling carried through to the 600's which was nice to see.

Home for a quick breakfast, get organized a lil bit, and then off to Kirsten's place to give her a lift to the airport for her flight to Lisbon. Next up was a tough run workout in the afternoon on the Lochside Trail.

6 X 1 km on 4:30 (neg split in groups of 2). This turned out to be a pretty good workout, aside from the gastrointestinal problems I was suffering from during the workout. We ran 1km down the trail, and then 1km coming back. The way out was slightly faster across the board for everyone who ran.

3:13, 3:15, 3:08, 3:16, 3:31*, 3:17

The * was a really bad interval, as my stomach was really gurgling and bouncing around, and I was forced halfway through the km to slow down or else I was going to soil my shorts. I had to make an emergency pit stop on the side of the trail before starting the 6th and final interval. I felt a lot better on the 6th one!! The stomach problems hit me again later during the warm-down, where it was another quick jaunt into the bushes....

Oh yeah, I've moved out of my place just for this week, and into Joel's place. I'm dog and house sitting for him while he is over in Lisbon for the World Cup. Napoleon is a lil Chihuahua, I'll have to make sure and get a photo up of him. Joel's place is amazing....maybe I'll house sit for a little bit longer!


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A2theP said...

good job on that run dude, hawaii should be good! see you at 1:30 for the treadmill?