Sunday, January 14, 2007

24....Jack is Back!

Wow...what a start to the new season of 24! This looks like it's going to be a great season, can't wait until the next two hours tomorrow night! Jack Bauer is the man.'s training :)

It was damn cold this morning when we woke up. -5 F, or -20 C. It was so cold out that it hurt to breath. We loaded up the big Trailer with 9 bikes, and headed off to Sedona for some warmer riding. It was still chilly in Sedona (-2 C when we started, about 4C when we finished), but NO SNOW, which is what we wanted.

I ran 40' once we got there while the group swam at the Hilton Spa, and then we re-grouped, had some food, and headed out for a 3hr ride. We headed from Sedona (4500 ft) along Hwy 89A through Cottonwood, through Clarkdale (3500 ft) and up towards the town of Jerome (5200 ft). Jerome is supposed to be a great little town, and it has lots of history. There is a good page about the history of Jerome here.

The road up to Jerome from Clarkdale is all uphill, and twists and turns. We only rode to the sign proclaiming the entrance to the town, but still to that point it was a good 20' climb. From that point up, the road switch-backed and got steeper. Jordan said we could continue climbing for another hour if we wanted. For another day....

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