Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chilly Cross Ride

Today's activities included a swim in the morning and a ride in the afternoon.

5000m in the pool this morning, nothing too special, just get it done. Main Set was 1200 pull, followed by 4X300 descend.

The big workout of the day was a 3hr ride. We decided to stay up in Flag today following swimming, so the guys headed out at 130 to ride cross for 3 hours. It was a great ride, but a bit chilly! With the wind chill, it was -16 C when we were out riding. It was the coldest we have ridden in here in Flag so far.

The only part of me that got cold were my feet by the end, but i think part of that was from jumping in the snow to take a few pictures! Hopefully I can get the pics from Simon, and I'll post them on here soon.

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