Saturday, January 20, 2007

Epic Snowshoe the last 24 hrs we received roughly 7-8 inches in total. Everything was covered in snow this morning.

Most of the group headed down into Sedona to do a group long run with a bunch of fast and I mean fast half marathoners from the local running shop in Flag. To quote Simon's blog, "we met up with some "fast dudes" including 3 sub 1:03 half marathon guys, Ryan Shea and Fasil (2nd at the houston 1/2)". So the level of running down there was really fast. Fast enough that Simon and Kyle had troubles keeping up.

Jordan and I opted to go snowshoe running up here in Flag instead. We drove over to Soldier Trail, and headed out for our run. Let me tell you, running for 90 minutes in snowshoes, in 7 inches of fresh snow (a couple sections were packed a bit from some nordic skiers) is really tough!! I couldn't have been happier to finish that run! My hip flexors were on fire by the end of the run. The reason is that you've really got to lift your legs each stride, and that really works the hip flexor area. A snowshoe run like that will be good at building some running strength. I felt like I had run for 3 hrs!! I did some good stretching afterwards, to help the flexors.

Jordan came over and gave me a hand in putting on some new shifters for the cross bike. I now have STI shifters on the cross bike (so the shifting is at my finger tips, way easier).

I ended the day of with a 30' easy spin on the bike, and an Epsom salt bath.

We are swimming Sun AM at NAU, and then we are decided where to ride afterwards, either down in Sedona or up here. TBD.

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