Friday, January 12, 2007

What a ride!

what a day!
We started out this morning with 5000m (Long Course) in the pool.
400 mix, 200 kick, then 2X (10X50 on 1' with a band on the ankles, 200 IM)
Main Set was 3X (3X200 descend, 3X50 descend, 250 easy)

Then this afternoon, Colin, Kyle, Joel, Simon and I went out for an awesome cross ride! We had about 3 inches of new snow on the ground, and strong blowing winds (45 mph gusts). Made for a really interesting ride. Riding along the Urban trails around town, with the snow covering the ice hidden underneath! I may have to get some better tires for the cross bike... We were out for around 2hrs today.

There have been a couple changes for the weekend due to the weather. We are supposed to get another 4-6 inches of accumulation tonight, if so, I'll try to get a pic posted tomorrow showing what it's like here.

Tomorrow we are running on the treadmill for 75 min followed by a 2000m easy swim. The afternoon entails a 60' easy spin on the trainer (I'll be able to watch the NFL games!)

Sunday we are going to head down to Sedona where it will be a bit warmer, and we are planning on riding 3hrs, followed by a run down there.

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