Thursday, January 25, 2007

A day of swimming today.

We started the day with a 60' easy base run. It was a great morning for a run...chilly but no wind! The legs felt a bit sluggish starting out (from yesterday's run) but felt better toward the end. Ran a bigger loop around the back of the university, then a smaller loop through the university and past the basketball arena, then back home.

The second workout of the day consisted of a 2.5hr cross ride. I rode a MTB today, as we're having a problem getting mt old dérailleur cable out of my STI shifter (going to have to bring to the bike shop). The MTB was a full suspension bike, which made it really tough to ride (the suspension made it really tough, as it felt like I was riding a pogo stick). I turned around early, and headed back home to ride the trainer. Rode 90' on the trainer, watching TV. It's a shame, as it was such a nice day out!!

The weather is looking good for the next little while, mid 40's, no snow!!

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