Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Breakfast

Today was a busy day.
We arrived to the pool to see we were swimming 6000m today. The breakdown of the workout went like this;

warm-up: 400 swim, 400 pull, 8X50 swim with a band
Main Set #1:
20X100 on 1:35, every 5th one fast

Main Set #2:
3X800 (building to fast the 3rd one)
Warm-down: 200 kick, 200 easy

I felt a bit better today, my swim is starting to come around. The speed is coming back for the 100's. I was suffering on the last 800, but I think everyone else was as well.

Following the big swim workout, a bunch of us headed to IHOP for a big breakfast. Stuffed (w. cream cheese) french toast, scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and hash browns. Quite the breakfast!

Workout #2 of the day consisted of a 2hr ride. Colin, Kyle, Jordan and myself headed out on the cross bikes. A good group ride, its in the books.

We ended the day with a 30' easy run. Colin is in the process of making some pretty good chili, can't wait to try some tomorrow night.

We are swimming Wed AM at NAU, then we are going to head down into Sedona again for a bike/run workout. Should be a busy, hard day.

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