Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Geez....more snow!


we started to receive some more snow today (2-3 inches) with another couple inches due by the end of Thurs. According to some locals here, this is the most snow they can remember Flagstaff getting in a long while. Figures it has to happen when we're here to train. That's OK, by Sunday we are supposed to get above 50F, with Sedona hitting 67-68 F by Monday!

Today's training:

Headed to the pool this morning, and put in 5400m.

300 swim, 200 kick
10 X 50 band only, on 55"
800 neg. split.
1500 pull, build by 500's (19:35)
200 easy
800 Pull, neg split (10:20)
100 easy
800 swim, neg split (10:10)
200 easy

Due to the inclement weather here in Flagstaff, as well as Sedona, we decided to cancel our planned trip to Sedona. We were going to ride 3.5 hr with some climbs, but it was a mixture of snow and rain in Sedona, so instead it was onto the trainer.

Joel brought over two of Troy Jacobson's Spinervals DVD's. Kyle, Colin, Natasha, Kirsten and I did two different DVD's for a total of 2hrs of solid riding on the trainer.

We warmed up with Competition 23.0 Time Saver workout A, a 30 minute technique workout. From there, it was onto Competition 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza. This is one tough Spinervals workout!!

This workout is designed to improve your sustainable power output, and includes progressively harder sets (20 minutes / 15 minutes / 10 minutes / 5 minutes) with 5 minute recovery intervals. Tough, tough, tough. But we got through it, with just a few Gallons of sweat expelled. :)

Thursday is a bit of an easier day, a 3km recovery/drill session in the pool, followed up by a 50-60' run with a few accelerations later in the afternoon.

Also, tomorrow night, I'll be watching the St. John's Red Storm men's basketball team play against Georgetown on ESPN. Hopefully they can step up and knock off the Hoyas who sport a record of 15-5 overall and 5-2 mark in BIG EAST action.

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