Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well, since I missed posting yesterday, today's entry will be a bit longer than normal.


We started out with a easy 30' base run. A nice easy loop around the university, then home to stretch. We were considering heading down to Sedona to ride, but the majority of the group elected to stay up in Flag and ride 3hrs cross. Jordan and Jill headed down to Sedona to ride on the road, while Simon, Kyle, Kirsten and I went out to ride cross.

The cross ride was wicked. Simon took us out along some awesome fire roads, along E3 which is a great area to do some tempo running. We were riding through puddles, mud patches, awesome ride. There were a couple of deep snow patches where a couple wipe-outs occurred, but it was a great ride!


Adam, Kyle, Jill and I met up with Simon and Jordan at Late For the Train to go running. After Simon and Jordan finished up their coffees (or whatever they had), we decided to head out towards Walnut Canyon to go running. We didn't quite go into Walnut Canyon, we parked there, but ran out to the Arizona Trail to do our 1hr 40 min long run.

Here's a link to the Arizona Trail web site, if you look at the map, you can roughly see where we ran (near Walnut Canyon).

What a great place to run! Dirt roads, with a great view of Mt Humphries off to the side. The pace started out nice and casual, as Simon, Kyle and Adam didn't push the pace. Once we turned around at 50' the pace picked up a bit, and I let Kyle, Simon, Adam, and Jordan go, as my HR was at 165 (my long run pace) and I didn't want to go any higher. The run went by quick, and I felt pretty good running.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Tiger come back and win the Buick Invitational, did a 30' easy spin on the trainer, and then we headed over to the pool to swim at 4:30.

A total of 5000m, broken up as:

2 X (200, 2X100 descend, 2 X 50 descend)
200 Kick
5 X 300 Pull descend, w. 20" rest (4:00,3:55,3:50,3:45,3:36)
200 easy
5 X 300 Swim descend, w. 20" rest (4:05, 4:00,3:55,3:50,3:40)
200 easy
400 kick

I felt great in the pool today. I don't know what it is. Maybe not being in the water yesterday. Hopefully that feeling can carry forward the rest of camp!!

Here are the weekly totals for week 3

Swim: 25,700 m
Bike: 8.5 hrs
Run: 7 hrs

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