Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sunny in Sedona

Ah...what a difference a 40' drive can make! High of 60 in Sedona today, rode in shorts with knee warmers, a jersey and arm warmers!

This morning we swam 5000m in the pool.

400 warm-up
20 X 50 on 50" every 4th fast
200 Kick
6X400 w. 30" rest
200 Kick
12 X 50 on 50" every 4th fast
200 warm-down

The main workout happened in Sedona.

A 90' ride that was supposed to be ridden as a negative split. My powermeter (SRM) was finally downloading properly, so I've got some numbers from the ride. The route we rode was a 20km out and back loop through some rolling terrain. Avg power for the whole ride 223 watts (W) and for the final 45' it was 266W. I'm happy with those numbers.

After the ride we went straight into a 60' run on a dirt road.
The run was broken up as:
10' steady, 10' base pace, 15' tempo, 15' base pace, 10' easy

I felt pretty good running straight off the bike today, it was great weather for running, sunny with a bit of a breeze (except when we had to run back into the wind!)

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear things are going well Dano! Keep up the good work - and updates =)