Friday, January 19, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well, as I sit here and write, we have a good 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground (with a couple more expected over night). It's funny, because there is a long driveway in the apartment unit right beside us, and all we can hear are cars trying to get up it, and they just can't make it. I don't know why people here don't run snow tires on their cars.

As for today's training.

Today was pretty busy. 5000m in the pool, pretty tiring. 400 WU, 200 Kick, then 2X (10X50 w. band on 50", 10X100 (25 fast, 75 easy) on 1:40, 500 pull neg. split) we warmed down with 400 mix.

Second workout was a 2hr cross ride. Simon led the group out towards Elden Lookout. The climb is about 4 miles long, up a dirt road. We went maybe a third of the way up, and then it became too snow covered to go any further. The descent down was a bit sketchy, but fun!

We ended the day with a 50' run. The group headed over to Flag Athletic Club, but I opted to run outdoors. A loop over to the university, then another loop near the apartment.

We ended the day with the group going to Picazzos pizzeria in town. Lots of different pizza's there, and the place was busy. A great night. Couple people had some wine, and Adam Campbell had a beer, I was so tempted to have one....but I held fast, and stuck to water and a Pepsi.

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