Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Day in Sedona

Yesterday was a tough day.

We started out swimming at the University, 5200 LCM.
The main set was 6X400 w. 30" rest. First 4 were pull, the last 2 were swim. Was going along pretty well until the last 400, when my arms wouldn't move at all!

After coming home for breakfast and to get organized, we loaded up the trailer with the bikes to head down to Sedona.

We rode roughly 60', with the last 30' hard. Let's just say the heart rate (HR) was pretty high during that last half hour. Got dropped by the guys on a climb, and had to Time Trial (TT) for a solid 5 mins to try and catch up. We went from the ride into a 70' run along dirt roads. This was the focus workout of the day.

The run workout consisted of 10' warm-up, then 8X (2' solid, 3' easy) ending up with 20' warm-down.

An epsom salt bath after dinner ended the day.

Today (Thurs) is a day off, I might get some snowshoeing in again on the trails in town.

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