Friday, March 16, 2007

Awesome Run at Buffalo Park

Well, today turned out to be a tough day!

5000m in the pool. I could tell on the first interval of the main set that it wasn't going to be a great day in the pool.

400 swim 200 kick, 8 X 50 (alt drill and build)

The main set was three times through the following:

3 X 200 on 3:10 (1-3), 3 X 50 on 1:00 (1-3) 150 easy

Swam like crap, nothing like the 2000m TT we had the other day. Oh well.

3 X 400 Pull, then 100 easy to finish off the workout.

Colin flew out today back to Vic. He flies onward to Mooloolaba on Monday for the first World Cup of the season. He's all pimped out with his new bike, and his new Zipp 808 wheel set. The bike looks sweet!

The main workout of the day was our run up at Buffalo Park. Dave Scott Thomas (head coach of Speed River TC) was in town for the weekend, so he came up for the workout and brought along his two stud runners, Reid and Calvin.

2 mile warm-up, some strides, then the fun began. Let me tell you, running hard, long intervals at 7000 ft is really tough! But, it's great training, so the pain is worth it. We ran the workout on a 2 mile loop in Buffalo park. the back half of the loop included a pretty decent hill, that fried my legs each time I ran up it (first 2 mile interval, the 2nd 1 mile interval, and the final 2 mile interval).


1 mile (5:24) w. 3' easy jog afterwards
2 mile (11:32) w. 3' easy jog afterwards
1 mile (5:36) w. 3' easy jog afterwards
2 mile (11:54)

I was fried on the last interval, but managed to pull through it.
2 mile warm-down at the end. 10 miles total. A great workout.

I was really pleased with the workout, as being at 7000 ft altitude is worth roughly 20-25 seconds per mile. So at sea level, those times should be roughly: 5:00, 10:50, 5:15, 11:15

A 60' ride afterwards with 8 X 20" stomps ended off the day. I hopped in the bath for an epsom salt bath, as my legs were fried, and we've got the Flagstaff group ride tomorrow (100km).

On a sad note, we've only got 2 more days left in beautiful flagstaff before we leave. We've had three straight days with record highs. It's a shame that we've got to leave when it's finally warm....


I'm going to head up to Victoria with the group and train from there this summer! I'm really looking forward to carrying forward all of the hard training I've been fortunate to get in with the group here in Flag. The group has been great to me, and they're open to having me train with them in Vic. I'll have amazing training partners for all my workouts this's going to be great! I'm really looking forward to translating all of my hard training into some good results this year!

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it will be good having you in Vic buddy