Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last Day in Flag

Well...Sunday March 18th is my last day in Flag.

Today was a long run in the morning with Simon, Adam, and AP.
We ran from Late for the Train, and went out into Sinclair Wash, and some other fire roads. What a great way to spend a last run here. 95' in total, and then we did some strides and drills afterwards.

4300m in the pool. 1000 warm-up done as SKIPS (200 each of swim,kick,IM,pull,swim)
8 X 25m (1-3, #4 easy)

Main Set was 3X through the following:

50 fast, 150 easy (32's for all three rounds)
100 fast, 200 easy (1:05.2, 1:05.2, 1:01.9)
150 fast, 250 easy (1:40-1:43)

200 kick and 200 swim warm-down

Then the fun really began. Time to pack up all of my crap, which I've done a pretty good job of so far. Everything is basically ready to be put in the car.

Tomorrow morning I am dropping Kirsten off at the airport at 5:45, then coming back, finishing cleaning up, returning our internet modem, and finally packing the car. Then I'll pick AP up from the pool, and hit the road.

For those of you interested in my route, I'm looking at taking I40 into California, working my way through Bakersfield to the I5.

Once on the I5, it's a beeline due North all the way to Port Angeles, where we'll take the ferry across to Victoria. I'm hoping to make it somewhere around Sacramento by Monday night (11.5 hours or so), and then that will leave 13 hours or so to Port Angeles the next day. Most likely stay over night in Port Angeles, and then catch the Wed morning 8:30 ferry to Victoria.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my chronicles here in Flagstaff, it's been such an incredible experience here. The group has been awesome to train with, and Joel and Adam have been great. I'm looking forward to continuing in Victoria. I'll keep the blogging going in Victoria...



Anonymous said...

Daniel - it's been a pleasure to take a peek into your training world. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all your experiences - unlike some other triathletes that I won't mention (hint CJ, hmmmm...). We've really enjoyed reading about your daily happenings.

Safe drive home Daniel and continued success in Victoria - hope your racing year is everything you hope for.
June & Pete Jenkins

Anonymous said...
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Daniel Wells said...

Thanks Mr and Mrs was great living with Colin for the 2 months and a bit in Flag. Congrats on IM NZ....