Friday, March 02, 2007

Jenkins B-Day Swim


That's how far we swam today. Since I'd never swum that far in all my years of swimming, I brought a few provisions along to workout, in case I was struggling towards the end; coke and a snickers bar. Luckily I didn't have a need for either (though I did have the coke afterwards in the shower)

Ended up going through 1.5 L of gatorade, as well as a gel taken after 4km.

10 X 1000m

#1 SKIDS (continuous, swim, kick, IM, drill, swim)
#2 Pull
#3 50 build, 50 back, 50 kick (repeat)
#4 swim neg. split
#5 SKIPS (pull instead of drill)
#6 Pull
#7 50 build, 50 back, 50 kick
#8 swim neg. split
#9 IM (100's IM continuous)
#10 Pull

Felt great at the end, had at least another couple thousand in me, which was a good feeling to have. Better than I've felt after some 5km workouts.

A 60' run on the Urban Trail completed the day. The legs were still tight from the treadmill workout yesterday, but the run helped to loosen them up.

Dinner at the Outback for Colin's 24th B-Day....a nice juicy 12 oz. piece of center cut sirloin (The Outback Special) MMMmmmm


BP said...

Great workout.

(Pickups) Why do I think people at school would be giving me some weird looks if I tried that in the gym. I'll try it out in a few weeks.

Daniel Wells said...

Just remember to set the treadmill elevation to at least 1%(to compensate for the lack of air resistance you would get on the road), but I'd recommend going to 2%.

Great workout for getting the legs turning over quickly....just make sure you step completely off the belt...