Friday, March 23, 2007

Thurs/Fri in Vic

After crashing at Colin's place on Wednesday night, I had a great sleep. 10 hrs of solid sleep. Boy did I need that. I awoke Thursday at 8:15am which is a major sleep in for me!

AP and I went to see a place that we might possibly live in. It's about 3km away from U Vic, and we both really liked it. We're going to meet with the guy again tomorrow (Sat) to go over the basics of living there.

We'll basically have the basement and the two bedrooms down there. The rooms are fully furnished, and have queen size beds in them. Each room is wired for internet and cable, and have phones as well. There is also a TV out in the "rec room" area of the basement. We'd be sharing the kitchen upstairs with the homeowner, but other than that, don't think we'd really see him that much. We're also about a 2 min walk away from the ocean, where we can go after workouts and ice our legs in the 50 F water. It'll be perfect (once I get used to standing in cold water like that for 10 min at a time!)

As Thursday was my birthday, AP and I went out to dinner at the Keg. I had a great baseball sirloin with a twice baked potato and a caesar salad. I tried out a local brew, and had a Salt Spring Pale Ale. It was quite good! Thanks for dinner Mom and Dad!

Friday was our first day of organized training up here. We swam this morning at Crystal Pool, 5100m as follows

800 swim, 800 pull, 8 X 100 on 1:30
400 swim, 400 pull, 4 X 100 on 1:30
300 swim, 300 pull, 3 X 100 on 1:30
200 swim, 2 X 100 on 1:30, 200 easy

Felt like crap swimming today...but it's to be expected after sitting in a car for two days, and running around Vic trying to find a place, and get organized. We'll be doing all of our swimming at Crystal, as opposed to Commonwealth Pool (the bigger name pool in Vic). Crystal is warmer, which is fine with me!

AP and I then went out for a 90' ride here. It was raining as we headed out, which made for a miserable ride. To make things even better, AP suffered two flats, and we didn't have a 2nd CO2 cartridge, so I rode home to drive back out and get AP, but he got a ride back from some dude in the meantime as he was frozen standing in the rain.

AP and I went over to Pac Sport to try and get our Pacsport cards which we need for workouts out here. The card gets us into any gyms, etc out here for workouts. The woman wasn't there today, so we'll get our cards sometime early next week. We got a tour of the place, including Commonwealth pool center, it's a great facility.
AP and I then headed out with Adam for a 40' run. Adam showed us some of the trails around Elk and Beaver Lake. I think we'll be running there a lot, and the place we'll probably be living is pretty close, so we could drive over to run there if we want.

We're relaxing right now watching some March Madness....what a comeback by my Buckeyes Thurs night (never count them out Simon!). We're running a local trail race here tomorrow, called the Gut Buster, it's an 11.7km race, should be hilly, and it'll be mucky as it's supposed to be raining (surprise surprise!)


BP said...

Good show. I'll look forward to hearing the adventures of a new life in Vic.

You should pop over and see nationals at Commonwealth place.

Good luck with the apartment.

Anonymous said...

You are lookin skinny mate! ;-)

-microwave girl