Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Update

Just a quick update tonite.

I'm up in Vic now, the drive up went well, 2 days of driving, and then we caught the ferry this morning into Vic. AP and I are crashing at Colin's place for a few days (he's in Australia) while we search for our own place. Simon showed us around town today, and helped us get settled.

Time for bed now, I'll provide a better recap of the trip north soon.


Rebecca said...

happy birthday cuz. Hope you can celebrate with a beer? Or does your training not allow for that? if not, another time! All the best today and for the year to come!

Erin Braun said...

Happy Birthday Dano... can't wait to hear how vic is going for you... I'm jealous! Enjoy!

BP said...


Thats really great you guys have the help and support of other athletes to make the move.

What will you be doing for work?

Keep us updated on how the battle goes, incase I make the move out after graduation.

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes

BP, I'll be blogging from vic, so you'll get a sense of how things are here.
As for work, hoping I can do some swim coaching at Commonwealth, or perhaps work at a bike shop here