Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gut Buster #1 Royal Roads

What a fun race!!

AP and I awoke Saturday morning to some light rain, and about 8 C. We headed over to Royal Roads University to register, and get ready for the Gut Buster. From what Adam had told us, it was going to be hilly, most likely pretty muddy, and a lot of fun.

The race was 11.7km, with basically all of it being run over single track trails, and grass. Numerous short ups and downs, lots of twists and turns, roots sticking out of the ground, bridges to cross, puddles to run through, a massive gravel pit, and some steep steep climbs made it a great race!

Adam had told AP and I about the gravel pit, and it was all that he made it out to be. I didn't handle the run down into the gravel pit properly, as I kinda slid down the hill, whereas AP said he bunny hopped down the hill. I ended up with about a dozen little rocks in each shoe as a result. Up and out of the gravel pit on the other side was just as tough! I was literally crawling up the other side, using my hands to help me up the hill. I had to grab some roots to get over the top! The rain coming down made the whole race even more interesting!

I ended feeling pretty good for the run. Started out in about 8th place, and slowly moved my way up on little stretches where we were on pavement. Worked my way up to eventually catch up to AP and the 2nd place guy. I hung with them for a little, then AP dropped the hammer a bit and pulled away to win by a minute. I had a great battle with the other guy, going back and forth, and it came down to a sprint finish, as he got me at the line by 1 second for 2nd place. I ended up with a $20 gift certificate to Frontrunners (a local running store in town) so not only did I get a good workout in, but I got a gift certificate as well!

AP 51:30
2nd place guy 52:41
Dano 52:42

Edit * I was 1:11 behind AP, not :11 :-)

One of the numerous hills we ran up

AP cruises in for the win

The lead group of 4 comin up the hill (AP on the front, I'm in 3rd)

Trying to open up a bit of gap on 2nd place guy

Sprint finish for 2nd place

The downhill part of the gravel pit

Men's Podium

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welcome to vic. nice job at gutbuster. hope to catch up soon.