Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flag Group Ride

Today we met at the Late for the Train coffee shop downtown at 10am to do the local flagstaff group ride. The group started out at roughly 40-50 riders, as we headed out of town.

It was a great group ride, with some specific group sprint points on the course. Everyone re-grouped at the top of the first sprint (up a hill that was a lot steeper than it looked) which was a good thing, as I got popped on the climb.

From there it was down into a town called Morman Lake I believe, where there was another sprint before we stopped at the convenience store, and regrouped and had a Snickers.
The last stretch back towards Flag was a tricky one, as it was into the wind, and the group got strung out a bit. I was on the back, and the yo-yo effect of the speed up front made me have to accelerate even more than everyone else.

A great ride overall though

100 km (including ride over to coffee shop)
Average Power 171 (sitting in the group lowers it, burst were over 450 Watts)

A 25' run off the bike (5' hard, 20' easy) ended the day

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