Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday's Long Run and Monday's Rest Day

Sunday was our scheduled long run.

Simon had discovered a sweet trail down in Sedona, so 6 of us headed down to Sedona to meet Simon for the run. Colin, Kyle, and Kirsten were doing a tough treadmill workout in prep for Mooloolaba, so they stayed back in Flag.

I was running with a very distinguished group of runners, which made it a bit tough for me to hang on near the end. Our group consisted of Simon, Adam, Jordan, AP, and myself, along with two fast Canadian runners who just got to Flag: Reid Coolsaet and Calvin Staples.

The run was awesome! Great morning for a run, and a great group of guys to run with. We even had water support in a couple locations (thanks to Jenny!).

Total run was 1:45 and I managed to hang on til the very end....

Check out Simon's blog for a much better recap of the run (

We finished off the day with 6000m in the pool

300 mix, 200 kick, 10 X 50 drill
3 X 500 (pull bouy only, pull w. paddles, swim)
5X 300 on 4:30 (2 pb only, 2 pull w. paddles, 1 swim)
15 X 100 on 1:40 (1-5) (5 pb only, 5 pull w. paddles, 5 swim)

300 kick, 200 warm-down

Everyone was swimming well today, got the last pull w. paddles down to 1:06, and the last swim down to 1:02.5

Another solid day in the books.

Monday is a rest day, optional spin....will most likely spin for a bit

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