Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tim Don Special

Double run today.
30' nice and easy in the morning to wake the legs up. Then the Main workout at 11am.

20' warm-up at the track, followed by the Tim Don Special.
What might the Tim Don Special be?

32 X 200 on 60" (with an additional 30" rest after every 4)

Everyone ran really well today, including AP with his first day at altitude.
Kyle and Simon alternated setting the pace on the front, leading us through all 32 in under 33 seconds. Colin ran really strong as well. I was running 35-36's for the first 20, until my quads started to lock up. The last 12 were a struggle, coming home in 38's.

We did ice baths back at our place, though I couldn't get myself into the cold water (too big a wuss) so I waited a bit until it warmed up a bit (and after I added a bit of hot water).

Tomorrow we are doing contrast bathing again at NAU (that I can handle!)

An easy spin on the trainer to flush out the legs and end the day.


DS said...

I really wish I knew what it was like training at 7000ft. But that is a fun workout dano. I did on of thoes once, but I think we only did 25. and we were in Guelph and that's at 90ft above sea. lol. maybe not even that high.

Daniel Wells said...

It was a tough one Dave.....believe me!

BP said...

Hey Dan ,

Could you please explain how a 'heat session' works ?

Daniel Wells said...

not too sure how they run it, I wasn't doing the heat training.

I know they swallow a pill that monitors their internal temperature, with the goal of raising the body temp to a certain level (not sure what it is) and then maintaining that temperature. Colin loses about 6 pounds of fluid while he does the session (about 75' or so)

Kirsten said...

can you handle the contrast bath Dano?? ;-)

Daniel Wells said...

I can handle the contrast bath, as long as the water isn't 40 F when we start! You'll remember Kirsten, that I did it the first time.