Thursday, March 01, 2007

Treadmill Thursday

Another treadmill workout was the focus for today.

The morning started out with an easy 3000m swim at NAU. A bunch of drills and some pull.

The treadmill workout was a good one. 80' in total.

20' warm-up, including some faster pick-ups.
24 X 1' with 1' passive rest (just step off the moving belt). All the intervals were conducted at an incline of 2%.

#1-10 11.0 mph
#11-12 11.2 mph
#13-14 11.4 mph
#15-18 11.6 mph
#19-20 11.8 mph
#21-24 12.0 mph

10' warm-down.
Felt pretty good, happy that the leg speed is coming around. My quads started to cramp up a bit by #18, but it's over with

A nice 60' high cadence spin on the bike to loosen the legs up after the run ended off the day.

Friday is Colin's b-day, and it brings a 10,000m swim!!! Will be my longest swim ever.


BP said...

Hi Daniel,

Great blog & fun to read about your Flag adventures with the guys.

How do your pickups work on the treadmill; Are you running for 1 min at the given speed and then taking a min rest ?
Thanks for the info and enjoy your swim today!

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks for the comments BP.
The pick ups we did yesterday on the treadmill were basically as you thought. We did 1 min at "x" speed, and then we stepped off the belt, and rested for 1 min (passive rest), then hopped back on the moving belt to start our next round.

It doesn't seem as tough as it sounds, but believe me it is.