Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tough Workouts

Well, today turned out to be two really good workouts.

6000m in the pool

400 mix, 200 kick, 8X50 drill
8X25 (1-3, #4 easy)
4X50 (1-3, #4 easy)

5X400 Pull (1-5) on 5:30 (5:10,5:06,5:00,4:56,4:48)
200 easy
5X400 swim (1-3, maintain #4-5) (5:15,5:10,4:54,4:57,4:47)
400 warm-down

The swim was a tough one today. Didn't feel great at the start of the pull set, however I swam out of it, and felt good starting the swim set. Felt like I was swimming faster than the times indicated on #1 and #2, but in the end, I toughed it out and was a BAMF.

I was able to build off the good workout this morning, and carry it into the treadmill workout

90' total (12 miles)

20' warm-up including a few strides

10 X (3' fast, 3' ez) @ 2%
#1-2: 10.0 mph
#3-4: 10.3 mph
#5-6: 10.6 mph|
#7-8: 10.9 mph
#9-10: 11.1 mph

10' warm-down

We did a workout similar to this two weeks ago, except it was 8 X (3' hard, 3' ez) I did that workout at 1.5% (4 @10.0, 2 @10.5, 2 @11.0). So it's good to see a bit of improvement in the level of my workouts. Think I'm getting the hang of doing these hard workouts on the treadmill.

The people going to Mooloolaba WC (Kyle, Colin, Jill, and Kirsten) started their heat acclimatization today. It involves swallowing a special pill that determines your internal body temperature (read by Joel via a monitor). The workout is conducted in a HOT room, where the goal is to bring the body temperature up to a certain level, and maintain that for 70'. great prep for the conditions they will face in Mooloolaba.

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