Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Been A While

Sorry for the delay in blogging....I'm back at it now

4000m this morning at the pool. We did some blasts (or speed stuff). Didn't feel that great in the pool, maybe the day off yesterday had something to do with it.

AP and I went for an easy 30' run along the Urban Trail, and then we had a 60' ride in the afternoon. The main efforts for the ride was 8 X 20" Stomps (starting for an almost standstill, and in a big gear). Nice ride along Lake Mary Rd, in the nice warm weather.

Whew, this was a tough day. Two brick workouts today

700 warm-up
2000m TT (24:36)
straight onto the bike for 15 min hard TT effort
400 easy in the pool
500m TT (6:04)
straight onto the bike for 5 min hard TT effort


Then in the afternoon we headed out for a bike/run brick
30' warm-up on the bike, then we did 3 loops of the Mooloolaba hill simulation reps we did last week. After the third loop, we hopped off, and went straight into a 1 mile hard run.
Then we cooled down with 15' easy run, and spun back to our place.

A great day of workouts, these are just the type of workouts I need.

3000m easy in the pool this morning.
3x400 (swim, drill, kick)
3x300 (swim, pull w. paddles, pull buoy only)
3X200 (swim, 8 X 25, 200 kick)
3X100 (choice)

Now I'm watching March Madness the rest of the day.....with a 50' easy run in between games later this afternoon.

Buckeyes to win the whole thing. Greg Oden and Mike Conley.....

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Anonymous said...

That's a nice workout Dano,

Even though I don't pick till sweet 16, I'm picking "Ohio State" for the south, Texas for the east, UCLA for the west and Wisconsin for the Mid-west.