Saturday, March 03, 2007

Where'd this weather come from?? feels like I'm back in Ontario!
The high today was only about -1 C, but combined with the 50km/h winds here in Flagstaff, it felt more like -10C

It was a chilly, yet exhilarating 60' run first thing this morning. Ran along the Urban trail, with 5 X 50 m strides.

We were supposed to do a bike workout outside, however, due to the weather, we convinced Joel to let us do an indoor trainer workout instead. Turns out the trainer workout was probably harder, but at least it was warm!!

30' warm-up on the bike, then we got into the main set

3 x 3' zone 5 effort with 3' recovery (322W, 315W, 306W)
3 x 2' zone 5 effort with 2' recovery (309W, 327W, 320W)
3 x 2' zone 5 effort with 4' recovery (318W, 281W , 309W)
9 x 1' zone 5 effort with 2' recovery (356W, 356W, 356W, 332W, 341W, 347W, 363W, 332W, 352W)

10' warm-down

I had a second run to finish off the day (was going to be straight off the bike, but I opted to warm-down, cool off, then put warm clothes on and go running)

5' easy 5' hard running, 10' easy cool-down.

My legs were shattered by the end of the day, had a nice Epsom Salt bath and a session on my foam roller to help the legs recover.

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