Friday, March 10, 2006

1st full day

Most of the camp is here now - Simon Whitfield, Sam McGlone, Kyle, Nick, Jordan, Jess Kirkwood, Mel McQuaid, Kirsten Sweetland, Lauren Groves, David-James Tache, Kathy Tremblay, and Dave Thomas, and Geneviève Pellerin

7am swim:
had to set up the pool from 25yds to 50m (which we'll do every day).
1000m warm-up, another 900 of a mini set, then the main set was 4X500 pull on 7'. Was feelin good at the beginning, but one whole week out of the water caught up to me, and i was hurting by the end. We ended off the workout with 8X50 kick, and everyone was amazed at my outstanding kicking speed!! (actually, they were amazed at how crappy a kicker I was!!)

by the time we got back, we had 40 min until our ride, which was 1hr 45' of aerobic riding. Stayed on the flats today, nice easy ride, covered around 50km or so. A 30' aerobic run ended off the day.

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