Sunday, March 19, 2006


3.5hr ride

A bit chilly this morning, with some wind, as we headed out for our ride. Out along Spanish Trail, to Colossal Caves, which we rode through. We did another little out and back, where Craig was with the van, and we dropped some of our warm clothing, and got some new bottles and coke.
A bit of a killer cross wind on the way home, as I rode with Jess Kirkwood on the way home, as we were off the back a bit on the way home, so we cruised it in, keeping the HR in our aerobic zone (which was the goal of the long ride)

We went out as a group for dinner to this place called sweet tomotoes, which is a salad bar buffet type of place with a hot bar as well. It was pretty good food, and a good price as well! 8 of us followed up dinner with an intense game of mini-golf under the lights, in which I cleaned up, winning $3!


Anonymous said...

If you cleaned up at golf..then it must have been quite the " gong-show "

Rollingesto said...

Cleaned up with $3 .... and in golf ?
Don't spend it all at once.