Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wacky Weather Day

Weather Channel called for rain this morning as Kyle and I woke up. We figured no way could it rain today, it was bright sun at 7:30 as we got set to run. Well, the weather was great for the run (bright sun) but later on in the day, just as we started our ride, it started to pour rain.

60-90' Run
The group did the above run, which I cut back as today was my first time running on the road in 5 days after my ITB flare up. I managed to get 30' relatively pain free in, which was a good sign today! Still going to keep on icing, and taking my ibuprofen daily.

11am recovery ride
Just as we were heading out the door, the skies opened and it started to rain steady. This was only the second day in last past 90 or so that they have had rain, and I've been here for both of them! The ride was cold, and my hands were frozen by 20' into the ride. Craig came by at 40' or so, and Jordan and I decided to call it a day as we were absolutely frozen, and hopped into the van. Of the 7 of us that rode outdoors today (others rode the trainer instead) only two got the full ride in. Craig picked up three of us, and Alex picked up his atheletes (Kathy Tremblay and David-James Tache). Riding in those conditions just wasn't worth it in this weather.

We ended the day with a 4000 yard swim at the pool. Coaches decided to keep it yards, so we wouldn't have to stand out in the cold, possibly rainy weather to change the pool around. Anytime we can swim yards here is great for me....I just love yards. Everyone else hates it, so I'm always trying to push for us to swim yards...bit of a running joke with Craig.

Round 2 of March Madness is over, and I already lost one of my final four teams (Pittsburgh). Geez, this has been a bit of a tough bracket to pick this year.

Tomorrow is a easy, easy swim in the morning, and then nothing the rest of the day. I have a 30' massage scheduled for 12:30, which will be good as I can get some treatment on my right ITB.

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