Sunday, March 12, 2006

Selection Sunday

Today is the day when the NCAA bball bracket gets announced....unfortunately we were out at the pool swimming when it happened, so I'm going to have to take a look at it tonite. March Madness will be eagerly followed down here...the first games on Thurs start at 10:00 am local time!

60-90' run
The coaches (Adam and Craig) drove us out to these amazing trails in the Saguaro National Park which is about a 20' drive from our condo. It was chilly this morning (40F and a wind chill of 34F) but it was a good morning for a run. I had planned on running 45' this morning, and ran with the group until I turned around to head back to finish my 45'. Unfortunately, every trail in the park looks the same, and although I thought I was following our group's footsteps on the way back, I ended up taking a wrong turn or two, and after a quick check of directions with a hiker on the trail, I made it back to the vans, only running an extra 10' for a total run of 55'. The leg has been feeling good so far, I think I'll be back onto the full camp running schedule now. Nick and Kirsten (who had planned on running 60') got a little lost in the trails, and ended up running for 1hr 50'!

2hr ride with 10X (2' high cadence, 1' easy)
A small group of 7 headed out for the ride after we got back from the run. A nice steady ride, the high cadence was nice to flush the legs out a bit from yesterday's long ride. 59.25km, (1:58) The weather was still windy and chilly for the ride (vest, hat, knee warmers, and toe covers) but it's supposed to get back into the 70's by Tuesday, and the wind is supposed to die down!!

We ended the day off with a 3200m swim workout at the pool. We were supposed to swim yards today, but we switched the pool to LCM for tomorrow's workout. Craig did promise me a yards work-out before the end of the camp! No kick race today...have to see if that happens before the camp ends.

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