Thursday, March 23, 2006


5km Swim
I was definately hurting a bit today, but I guess that is allowed after a big day yesterday and my birthday night. Two part main set today, 8X100 with a band around the ankles, really makes you work on body roll while swimming, and then the main main set as follows:

100 swim, 100, 200 pull, 100 200 300 swim, 100 200 300 400 pull, 100 200 300 swim, 100 200 pull, 100 swim, all on a base interval of 1:25 (3000m total set)

A nice 90' recovery ride happened at 11am, (44.6km) really windy out today, in our face most of the way out, cruising coming home which was nice!! We have a tempo run later tonite (5pm) which we are heading down to the Wash to run. I'm lookin to just run steady today, see how the knee feels. Tomorrow is a bit of a recovery day, with a long ride scheduled for Saturday.
March Madness is back tonite, Kyle and I will be watching. We've adopted the Wichita St. Shockers as our favourite team!

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