Monday, March 13, 2006

Recovery Day

Ah....a bit of a recovery day.

7am swim - 4500m
We woke up this morning with the air temperature a chilly 33F....luckily there was no wind, so it didn't feel any colder. The pool was steaming for the first hour of workout, until the sun came out a bit more.
Today's workout consisted of 1100m of warmup, followed by a main set of 2000 steady state swimming, which had to be either even-split or negative-split. Since we have the whole pool, there is lots of room for swimming, with only 2 people per lane. I swam with Kyle Jones, whose swimming has improved a lot since last year. With the sun shining in our faces, it made it tough to see who was where in the pool as we were swimming. I left 15 sec behind Kyle, and started to feel a bit looser as we got into the first 1000. I caught Kyle at 1000 and moved into the front, but hard as I tried, I couldn't drop him. Kyle and I did end up catching Nick and Simon in the other lane though. I ended up going around 25:50, with Kyle, Simon, and Nick a little bit behind. We ended the workout off with 4X (200 pull, 100 kick) and 200 easy.The coaches got us a big carafe of green tea to warm us up after the swim, which was heaven!

We basically have the rest of the day off, I had an epsom salt bath, and we are heading over to the local (and one of the best in the country) triathlon store called TriSports to get some stuff. We are heading over for a 30' water run this evening.

Tomorrow is a 4.5km swim, 2hr ride with 2X(20' steady state/5' easy), 40-60' run, and optional weights. The next three days are a bit of a step-up as we get into the camp routine.

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