Friday, March 10, 2006

Travel Day

Well..yesterday was a travel day to Tucson.
6:35am flight from Toronto to Chicago, a quick walk to my connecting flight, then on my way to Tucson.
Adam Campbell (camp director) picked me up, and off we were to our condo unit here. The mountains around the town are outstanding...and the view is spectatular!!

There are 4 in my condo (Kyle Jones - top 10 U23 Worlds 2005), Nick Hastie, and Jordan Brydon. After putting together my bike, Kyle and I went out for a nice 1hr 45 min spin. We rode out towards Mt Lemmon which is a 24 mile climb, and climbed the first 3 miles, then descended and rode back to the condo. I also got a 20 min easy run in, just to test out my leg which has been sore.

I'll try to get some pictures up in the near future of the scenery around us here.

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