Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last Day of Camp

Well...the time has come for the camp to come to an end. What an amazing 3 weeks it has been here in Tucson. Great coaches, great weather, great training mates, and a great place for riding. Now it's back to chilly Ontario....hopefully the weather warms up a bit there!!

Thanks to Triathlon Canada for funding the camp, and for inviting me to participate. I'd also like to thank the coaches (Craig, Adam, Alex, and Joel) for the outstanding coaching and support throughout the whole camp!

Today we swam 4000m in the morning with a main set of 6X400 on 6'. I was absolutely smashed from yesterday's tough ride, and I felt like a something that you'd pick up after a dog today. I felt horrible in the water. Nick did the whole set on 5:30, which was really impressive. Nick swam really solid 400's today, as did James Loaring who did the last 3 on 5:30 and got down to 4:45 for the 3rd swim, and 4:39 for the third pull.

We had a 90' recovery ride as a group (8 of us) which turned out to be really tough on the way home as we had a head-wind after we turned around. We spent part of the day cleaning up our condo, as most people leave tomorrow. I don't leave until Fri AM, so I will get another recovery ride in tomorrow, and Craig and I may head to the aviation museum that is here, looks pretty cool.

We are ending the day today with a base run (40-60') I'll see how the leg feels, I'll get 20' in at the most, hopefully not too much pain in the knee. It's always good to have an easy/recovery day (no hard efforts) the day before travelling, as you are exposed to many free radicals and air-borne viruses stuck on an airplane.

Kyle leaves tonite(and also the computer), so this will be the last update until I get home and have computer access again. I'll try to keep the blog going with updates on training, racing, etc.

Hope you have all enjoyed reading about my adventures in Tucson....


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