Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mt Lemmon TTT Preview

Today is the big Mt Lemmon time trial.
We are competing in teams of three:

Kyle Jones
James Loaring
Daniel Wells

Simon Whitfield
David-James Tache
Nick Hastie

Nick and I are leaving 2' before the other four guys, and the combined Team Time will determine the team winner at the end.

At the swim this morning we had an option of gaining time for the climb today. We had a set of 12X100 on 1:25, 200 easy, then another 12X100 pull w. paddles on 1:25 with the following Time Bonuses:

If you went 12 on 1:20, you get 30'' bonus
If you went 12 on 1:15, you get 60'' bonus

Each member had to declare before each round of 12 what interval they were going on.
For the first round of 12, Team Kyle all went on 1:20, while Team Simon all went on 1:25. Team Kyle built up a 1:30 advantage after round 1.
For the 12X100 pull, Team Kyle sent James and Dano on 1:15, with Kyle on 1:20. Team Simon countered with Simon and Nick on 1:15, with Daivd-James on 1:20. It looked as if Team Kyle was going to have a 1:30 lead going into the climb, but it was ruled by the officials on the pool deck that David-James dropped his pull bouy for the last 2 X 100's thus he did not get the 30' bonus.

Heading into the climb, Team Kyle has a 2' advantage on Team Simon...should prove to be an epic 24 mile battle on Mt Lemmon. To top it off, the high for the top of Mt Lemmon is 44 today, and we might run into some inclement weather during the climb.


Anonymous said...

So......Howd things go.....?

Daniel Wells said...

Team Kyle got crushed on the climb by Team Simon and the "diesel engine" David-James.