Monday, March 20, 2006

Recovery Day

Another scheduled recovery day, before we start 3 hard days in a row.

3500 m swim
Nice easy, relaxed swim this morning, main set of 2X1200m, working on body position in the water. Today was Alex Serano's last day here (Kathy and David-James' coach) as he heads back to Montreal tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss having him around the camp; he's a funny guy, and a great coach, especially around the pool.

The rest of the day was off the feet, relaxing. Half hour massage at 11:30 today, Kyle and I's almost daily trip to Walgreens' followed by a hot tub, and an epsom salt bath. All in all a great day.

On tap for Tuesday:
2000m Steady State Swim Main Set (even or negative split)
2hr bike w. 10 X (2' High cadence, 2' ez)
40-60' run

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