Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Sorry for the delay in caught up with things yesterday, and then The Unit was on TV last night, so I watched that.

Recap of Tuesday's Training

7am swim: 4300m
total of 1500m warm-up, followed by a main set of 6X400 (descend 1-3) on 6' The first 3 were swim, the last 3 pull, 400 warm-down.
Swim: 5:25,5:07,4:47
Pull: 5:25,5:10,5:10
Everyone was swimming really well this morning, majority of us got down under 5:00 for the last 400, while Simon, James, Kyle (maybe a couple others) got under 5:00 for the last pull.
Sam McGlone is tapering down for Ralph's which is this weekend. She's ready to rock.

2hr ride with 2 X (20' steady state, 5' ez)
Simon, Kyle and David-James rode a different, more hilly route for their SS, while the rest of us took a rolling road called Spainish Trail. I rode the group (Nick, Jordan,James,Dave Thomas,Kirsten, Kathy) for the first SS, but my HR was a lot higher than Adam and I want at this point of the season, so Kathy,Kirsten and I dropped off from the group for the second interval. My HR was a lot more controlled for the second interval which Kathy and I did with Jess Kirkwood, Tara Ross, and Gen Pellerin.
31.9km/hr (59.63km)

We then had a 40-60' run later in the day with some SS running. I didn't do the SS running, as I am just getting back into running after two weeks off. I ran 40', unfortunately I have been feeling some pain on the outside of the right knee, which I'm hoping is not the start of ITB problems. No running for the next couple days, lots of ice and stretching on it. Hopefully I can get some water running in instead.

Today's (Wed) workouts consist of a 3500m technical swim, followed by a 2.5hr ride over to and up Mt Lemmon and back. We'll only make it about half way up today, as the work-out calls for 4 X (12' big gear, 5' ez) climbing on Mt Lemmon. Should be a good strength workout today. I'll post the next blog after the ride. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures taken on the bike.

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