Thursday, March 16, 2006

Start of Madness

Well...the madness begins today!! It's 8pm here, and already there have been some upsets, and some near upsets.

5000m Swim
1500m warm-up (500 mix, 4X100 IM, 300 kick, 3X100 descend)
25 X 100 as follows:
5 on 1:25, 5 on 1:20, 5 on 1:15, 5 on 1:20, 5 on 1:25
600 kick, and Warm down.

Felt good after the warm-up, we had 9 of us going on the above interval, others went 5 sec slower per hundred. I think I finally got my swim feeling back today, was rocking in the water. Held 1:08's on the 1:15 interval, and under 1:15 on the final 10X100's. Everyone swam well today, Simon and I making all the 1:15's and others just missing the last couple by a second or so.

2.5hr Base Ride
group ride heading north from our condo unit into the Oro valley. Bit of a rough ride today, as we rode along the highway for most of the ride, we won't re-visit that route again. It was a nice ride, just busy. 77km ride (2:33) 30km/hr

3300 yds (2nd swim)
6 of us went for the second optional swim today (Kyle, Kirsten, Tara, Gen, Steve, myself) over at Udall pool. finally we got to swim short course yards!! Did a bunch of pull and bands work.

Tomorrow calls for 4km swim (aerobic, some pull and kick) and there is a double run scheduled. I will be doing a water run instead of running on the road tomorrow, the ITB band is still sore, so I don't want that to flare up at all.

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