Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Start of the Week

Tuesday was the start of three harder days of training

Main Set this morning was 2km Steady State swimming. Simon, David-James and I went thorugh 1000m in 12:45, at which point I picked it up a bit, finishing in 25:15. David-James was 25:25, and Simon 25:30. James Loaring came out of nowhere (leaving 2nd in a lane) and went 25:00 (finishing at the same time as me)
I felt a lot better this week in the pool, and most people swam faster this week than last week

2hr ride with 10X (2' HC, 2' ez)
Good group ride, nice steady pace, high cadence. 60km in just under 2hrs.

40-60' run
We headed over to Saguardo Nat. Park for the run. I did the 15' warm-up with the group, as well as drills, and then when they did steady state running, I just ran an additional 25' in which my leg felt better, but still pain in the knee.

Today (Wed) is the big climb of Mount Lemmon, straight to the top (40km) Today is also my birthday, so what a way to celebrate. I hear there is a killer pie shop at the top!! We should probably see a bunch of snow at the top as well....Forecast for Tucson is 69 today, at the top of Mt Lemmon it is forecast for about 50, so it will be chilly, especially on the way down!!


Anonymous said...

Hope the "birthday boy" saw a little "busch" on his big day!.
Uncle Jug and Jess.

Anonymous said...

HI Dano,
Enjoying your reads on a daily basis, happy birthday! I am sure your mom and dad have a pint chilling for your return and birthday celebrations!