Monday, March 27, 2006



Tried running again today, made it about 10' before I had to stop, my right knee was hurting me again. Decided to just shut er down.
11am: 2hr base ride
66.74km (2hr 10')
nice base ride as a group (8 of us)..headed south out of Tucson, down and around the airport area, then back up towards our condo. The legs felt pretty good by the end of the ride.
We ended the day off with a 4300 yard swim.

The main set was
10X100 on 1:20
300 pull paddles on 4'
8X100 on 1:15
300 pull paddles on 4'
6X100 on 1:10

I cruised the first 18X100's, then for the last 6 I held all under 1', with a couple 56's and a 55. Felt a bit out of it on the last 6, the stroke was a bit choppier than normal.

A legs off day, just a couple of swims today.

3500m Swim:
About 1300m warm-up, then a main set of 12 X 150m as follows:
# 1-3 band only (around ankles)
#4-7 band and pull bouy low (at ankles)
#8-12 band and pull bouy high w. paddles.

A tough muscular strength set, the band around the ankles makes it difficult to swim, forces you to work on the technique.

We are also swimming again at 3pm today, with 3500m scheduled and the main set(1800m) as

2X (12 X 50 as 2 fast, 1 slow + 3X100 desc. 1-3)

We have a group mini-golf outing tonight, with pride and bragging rights on the line.
Tomorrow is a 4000m swim in the morning, and then the race of truth and BIG bragging rights, the 24 mile Mt Lemmon TT. It'll be interesting to see how that one unfolds. May have played my hand a bit too early on Saturday...

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