Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bit of Recovery

A light workout day...very nice.

This morning was a 3000m swim, whatever we wanted to do. Just get in and get 3km in.
We headed out for some grub after swimming, Simon suggested this place called La Bellavia which has these outstanding Swedish Oat Pancakes!

If you can eat three Oat Pancakes, then your meal is free, and you get a free mug from the restaurant. I only ordered one pancake (filled with banana), and that was a meal itself. Kyle (who can eat like a horse) couldn't finish two pancakes. Jordan made an attempt and ordered 3 oat pancakes, but could only stomach 1.5 pancakes. It's a great deal as well, $3.75 for one, $7.25 for two, and $7.95 for three.

I'll definitely hit that place up again, good value, and a great meal.

I ended the day with a relaxed 45' run on the treadmill at FAC. I was forced inside once again today, as it was blowing snow, and I didn't feel like battling through that. Another good stretch on the Stretch Station, an outdoor hot tub, and a steam session to top it off.

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